Rav Bumbra


Rav is a strategic executive who has delivered solutions within the IT industry for 25 years. Following her passion to help people gain the skills they need for careers in the tech sector, she founded Structur3dpeople, supporting businesses with their recruitment and diversity goals. She is also founder of Cajigo, a mobile learning platform that provides women with mentorship and support for successful tech and leadership careers.

Recognised by industry for her continuous efforts in helping to increase the female talent pipeline, Rav’s accolades have included;

Computer Weekly’s Top 5 Women in Tech Rising Star, 2018

Computer Weekly’s Most Influential Women in UK Tech, 2018 and 2017

Top 100 Women in the South West, 2018

Top 101 Female Founders of Tech, 2017

Finalist for Bristol’s Business Woman of the Year, 2017


Structur3dpeople is a tech recruiter and diversity specialist. We partner with tech organisations to promote diversity and close the gender gap.

It’s an exciting time for the tech industry and we’re making sure everyone has an equal opportunity to be a part of it. We provide the tools to bridge the gaps, so employers can focus on what they do best—creating and selling innovative products and services in a technology driven world.

  • Founded in 2015 by Rav Bumbra who is uniquely qualified with skills and insight from 25 years working in both tech and recruitment

  • All conversations start with Rav Bumbra, not an account director

  • We make the recruitment process more efficient for employers and candidates

  • Our unique Recruitment and Mentoring App, Cajigo provides employers with direct access to talent, whilst women can kick-start careers in tech or continue on the path to leadership through our mentoring and support programmes

  • We offer expert advice for businesses who are looking to set up or need assistance with their Diversity and Inclusion strategies 

  • We are experts in understanding your journey so we can meet your needs

Structur3dpeople is leading the diversity and inclusion conversation worldwide.

Structur3dpeople is committed to inspiring the next generation of tech talent while helping women gain the skills they need now through learning and development programmes.