We help organisations attract, recruit, retain and develop great talent in a diverse world 




We created a tool for employers to recruit candidates directly and where women can develop their skills for successful tech and leadership careers


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Recruiting diverse talent has become a challenge for the technology sector. We work towards helping employers get diversity and inclusion right, creating a company culture with a sense of belonging where people can thrive. We help organisations engage and retain talent in order to raise productivity, future-proof business and drive sustainable growth.

We recognise that people sometimes need additional guidance and support, in order to get to the next step in their career.  Our learning and development programmes help people gain new skills through mentorship, increasing confidence, industry knowledge and the qualities sought by employers in the workplace.




Build your team from a diverse talent pool

Find your perfect role

Drive a strategy that has impact with measurable results


Receive guidance and support from industry execs to develop your skills

Introducing Cajigo, our mobile learning platform providing women with industry knowledge, guidance and support to advance careers. It’s “mentoring on the GO” with senior business leaders and easily fits around your lifestyle, so you can develop skills anytime and anywhere.

Start building your leadership skills today in 3 easy steps

JdR Tweet Photo Rav Bumbra[2] JdR Tweet Photo Rav Bumbra[2]
Cajigo is a practical way, not only to increase diversity
but also to make it a strategic imperative
within the business
— Jacqueline de Rojas CBE, President techUK, Chair of Digital Leaders

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